File export to USB

I have two SC6000M’s in order, just lovely how they look and looked forward to the extra real estate on the screen to search tracks. I have a temporary SC5000 now.

HOWEVER, I am spending two entire days to get my library from iTunes to Engine Prime and then the analyzed file to a USB. But it is exporting only about 20% of the 600 records in the collection. Trying everything I can, emptied the USB several times again and surely not 80% of my files (all bought from Beatport etc) can be corrupted.

I believed some people were just trolling Denon (to the advantage of Pioneer) and I really want to switch from CDJ’s to the new hardware. Especially the M versions. But I am growing severe second thoughts and on the verge of cancelling my order for the 6000M’s. The entire sync process just seems to be not OK. I have a gig tonight and now sweating how to take a proper collection with me. This is extremely frustrating.

Hi @Maarten - Welcome to the community! I’ll be happy to help.

The packing to device target speed in Engine Prime should be very similar to the speed in which it takes to drag and drop the music on to your drive directly. If that is not the case, something is wrong. To better understand your situation could you please help to answer the following questions.

Which version of Engine Prime you are using?

What make and model USB drive are you using?

What format are the files WAV, MP3, FLAC, etc…?

A transcend USB of 64GB

Prime engine beta latest. Mac OS Catalina

95% of files is AIFF. Some are wav. Few are MP3/4

Certainly not as quick as drag/drop. I think loading 600 AIFF files to the USB takes 5 minutes.