Feedback - Star Rating and Crate/Folder Searching

If you can’t rate tracks on the unit itself? Would it be so hard to make it so I can save some notes/comments or at least earmark a 1 - 5 star rating?

Felt that you guys want people to depend on your software (as shitty as that is) but seems like that addition wouldn’t have been THAT much of a stretch.

While I’m here, the search function is horrendous. Just assume whatever drive I’m on, I wanna search the whole thing. Why do I have to be in a position to scroll to the track by being in the folder it’s in before search will get me there? Anybody on that end understand that ■■■■ moves quick when you’re dj’in? Lots of extra steps with the Prime 4. Hopefully this gets stuff gets addressed.


I must agree, there are many things that should be fixed faster and the Development Speed of a new Firmware/App is really slowI I even cant see the Artist Name in horizontal Wave View which is annoying!

So…New Year, new Luck :slight_smile: ??

You guys should’ve checked (and voted on) the existing feature requests in the forum.

Just add your “ like “ vote to the existing request.

As some people already said… Prime 4 is a stand alone dj equipment, not a stand alone music management device.

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Lol. Nobody said anything like that (not in this thread anyway, not gonna read every single one before I post, sorry brah).

DJ’ing is a lot more than just playing tunes. Cataloging has always been a huge part of it. Nobody would pay $1500 for a big mp3 player. Even back in the day with vinyl I would make lil notes on the sleeve or label about timing, key, etc. I don’t think being able to do the same without buying a compatible computer and then installing/running software is asking too much.

Well, people pay 2300 per deck that also does not do all what You want :smiley:

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Do you actually own a Prime 4 (or 2, or Go)?

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A simple forum search would do, to add to existing discussions. I don’t want to close every duplicate made.

Rate tracks direct on the prime 4 - SMART CONSOLES / Feature Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum

I approved your topic, because it’s your first here. That being said, welcome to the forum!


It can’t be standalone unless it’s got thousands of artists, bands and singers all squeezed inside the casing and has speakers and amp built-in… so there … nah nana nanah nah

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I own a Prime 4. Thanks for checking.

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Hi @Arizenheimer - Welcome to the community!

We are always looking to improve workflows and add new abilities to our Engine OS products. Both features you mentioned (star rating, specific playlist/folder searching) are improvements we plan to bring to our products in future updates.

Can you tell me what you dislike about Engine PRIME that justifies your negative sentiment?

We appreciate your feedback but please try to keep it constructive and appropriate for all readers. This is a friendly, supportive and collaborative community. :slight_smile:

[House Keeping] Updated topic title to better reflect topic discussion.

First off, thank you for the warm welcome.

I can’t speak on the Engine Prime Software as I can’t run it on my mac. I have an older iMac that can’t run the OS required to install and run the software.

My gripe was more about not being able to make a small note or even just use the star rating system onboard the actual unit itself without having to have it analyzed by the software. I’m sure that taking the time to run your tunes through the software makes for a much better experience but without buying a new computer I don’t have the means to do it!

Second was the search feature not finding songs on a drive without being in the actual folder that they’re in. It seems like this is a little counterintuitive to me. It’d be nice if it could search across the whole drive or even better any drive that’s plugged in plus the onboard one I installed.

Looking forward to future updates. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.

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You can do this

  1. What do mean by FOLDER? Engine Prime and Engine OS uses CRATES and PLAYLISTS

  2. My own experience has been that Engine prime and Engine OS will search the entire collection when performing a search. There is a feature request thread for CRATE or PLAYLIST specific search.

  3. Did you add your files to Engine prime collection or just playing direct from the files?

  4. A picture may help.

It’s a peculiar situation.

@Arizenheimer perhaps time to invest in a newer computer.

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He can use it as standalone but he won’t be able to enjoy it like folks who use engine prime!

It’s as standalone as it comes and even streams!

@Arizenheimer what about using rekordbox on that old iMac. Perhaps you can use rekordbox to manage your library if it will work.

I’m sure there are old versions of rekordbox that will be supported

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@Arizenheimer A (slightly time consuming) for you being able to use search without Engine Prime is to load and analyse every track on the player itself.

  • Make sure you’re collection is on a drive with the right formatted structure (ExFat with MBR - or FAT32)
  • Load a track from FILES on the player and let Engine OS analyse
  • The track is now added to the collection and you should get it back in search results
  • Load the next track the same way until all your tracks have been added to the collection

Way faster of course would be to add the tracks via Engine Prime when possible…

You can find an existing request for easily adding to the search collection on the hardware itself here:

Make sure to like the first post if this feature could help you out in the future

Even borrow a computer, just to get that initial database in place.

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four years later

nothing else…