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Noone think that will be a very good thing to have the possibility to copy tracks from usb to internal hd???

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Can you explain a little further please? im struggling to understand the request here.

Sounds to me like an “import function”. Like if you plug in a USB storage device, the media player would notice that there are tracks, playlists, etc. that exist on that external storage device that do not exist on the internal and provide the ability to copy said artifacts.

I know I interpreted a lot from the OP’s limited post, but that’s how I read it :rofl:. Software nerd I am.


If I put new track on usb…when I put usb in my prime 2 I would like to have the option to copy tracks on internal drive

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Ah ok I get you now… I think it might have been discussed previously on here why it’s not doable (transferring music between drives), possibly something to do with piracy.


Piracy??? I have my database on internal hd and I don’t want to connect computer everytime just to upload new tracks! It’s easier if I can use an usb stick …and connect my mac to internal drive sometimes is difficult…sometimes it suddenly disconnect …no good

It’s not about just your own workflow, it would open up an easy path of people passing music to each other for free, and worse, people stealing others music when playing on their players.

You can raise it as a proper feature request and look to get votes on it, but personally I can’t see it ever being opened up.


IMO It’s no different for ‘piracy’ than being able to email yourself a copy of an mp3 or… copy an mp3 to a usb drive in the first place. You own all the gear and all the drives (just like on a computer).

OP’s desired workflow makes sense to me since I use my Prime 4+ in standalone 95% of the time… being able to import music or backup music that I have on my USBs would be a great feature since I have an internal 2TB SSD that I basically use for this purpose anyway.

I got the Prime4+ for its standalone claims and while I LOVE it… you basically have to still use a computer to do all your prep since there is essentially ZERO file management options directly on the unit. I do fully believe that they will continue to roll out tons of new features for these units in the near future. Just like how InMusic has added hundreds of new features (and continues to do so) for my Akai MPC Live II. It’s almost an entirely different experience than when I first got it.

Anyway, cheers from a (new to Denon) fellow DJ. :slight_smile:


Regarding stealing others music I could see it having a passcode for the owner etc. Just a thought. I also haven’t experienced any real world environment where I’m playing with random DJs that I don’t trust on my Denon equipment. Everywhere else I play I’m using turntables and my DJM S11 or a clubs CDJs etc.

Yes, this functionality was first requested way back when the Prime series came out, and it’s still no nearer being implemented.

I’d love to see it too. Makes sense for a “standalone” device to have this - a nice easy way of adding new tracks each week.


imo this is much more likely to be implemented over wifi: export to the drive in your player from engine desktop.


Hopefully… that would be a great option

+1, I would be all over that

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