Feature Requests - What would You like to see?

I’d love to hear what sort of features you guys & gals would like to see most. Please give details of the feature/scenarios, and how it could possibly be implemented.

iPAd application over WiFi. Control some search features. On 10-inch “i pad” will be a better overview in more complex libraries & folders…

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With a few stories going around about. Club DJs getting their $20 USB thumb drives stolen out of the clubs whilst they’re playing from them, I wouldn’t be too keen on having an iPad around there too. But whilst the iPad doesn’t natively have any security/padlocking onboard, there are security frames available to prevent the iPad wandering away.

The extra couple of diagonal screen space tharcrhe iPads give might not be needed overall. The SC5000 screens are so big compared to previous models and so easy to use, especially when wanting to filter down the search results with DJ confidently BPM reachable tracks, harmonically compatible tracks, etc.

However, being able to use a wifi device as a remote control, with access to just the track info (not the music itself) and a status of what remaining time I’ve got on each loaded deck etc, would be good.

I have a mixed library of videos and audio. Can the Prime play MP4 videos as audio?

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Hi mufasa, Yes the SC500 will analyze and play the audio from your MP4 videos

Netflix… got alot of time to kill when just push play init! Hehe

Well, the product looks to be very promising already, but here are some things i thought of when I was discovering (maybe some are already in, but this is on the info I had so far)

  • USB Keyboard support (used for searching songs with physical keys instead of touch and for quick system navigation, like F1 starts search all, F2 is title search, F3 is album search, F4 is artist search etc, ESC back to waveform view, etc…)
  • USB inputs expandable using standard USB hub
  • USB CD/DVD drive support (there’s another topic on this forum about this)
  • Automatic background search database build (when plugging in unanalyzed card/drives tags will be read in the background, quickly make the search function available to all tracks. Further analyzation could be done once the track is loaded)
  • Background analyzation of files on your card/drive (not have to load a file to analyze, but all files will be analyzed in the background, so your collection keeps updated)
  • Search on other/all media command (USB2, USB1 deck1) when there are no search results on the search in current library.
  • Edit ID3-tags onboard
  • Key change (Press (and hold) key and Pitch bend + of - to change key higher or lower)
  • Save preparation folder as playlist or crate
  • Save history as playlist or crate
  • Title filter (on top of genre, artist, Album, BPM, key) in search filters

Suggestion 1 & 2 sort of go together - although even with the fast on-screen keyboard being duplicated by a USB keyboard somehow squeezed into a busy, cramped DJ work area, a pair of SC5000 Primes already gives you 8 media sockets (3 USB and 2 SD). Thankfully, those inputs aren’t limited to just 1GB per socket or anything like that low, so it’s not as though a DJ with a large library would need to have their library spread across 4 sticks, with the incoming DJ, also having 4 sticks. Wow… just thought… that’s 12 x USBs and 4 x SD inputs on a 4 deck system.

Given the hastle that the massive variety of cheap, cheerful, novelty and worse still, unpowered USB hubs cause in data intensive situations, I’d rather a USB got detected by all Denon DJ equipment and an on-screen message popped up onscreen with “USB Hubs not supported” simply appeared. Historically, hubs are bad news.

From the other topic, about external USB CD decks. As duplicated from the other topic (all this cross-topic discussion is hard work, let’s keep the topics unique huh?), for the same historic reasons as cheap USB hubs causing issues, and it being impossible to ensure a host could work with every single one of what must be hundreds of good, bad and ugly USB cd drives, I’d rather Denon DJ launched their own USB cd drive and again, on-screen cautioned any ol’ supermarket cd drive (any non-Denon DJ usb cd drive).

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Would rather see an internal HD before a optical drive, the HS5500 was great with its modular design and gave you the option of what you wanted to jam in the slot.

I would like to see dual waveforms scrolling across together as an option on the display when using the second layer. Should be a fairly straight forward mod to the firmware I would have thought.

If Denon are going the wifi route then perhaps a 4G dongals or router can be used via USB as well? Just putting it out there… Im not actually interested in either feature.


+1 on parallel waveforms for dual mode and traditional 2/4 decks mode.


There are so many variations on what different people call “traditional 2/4 deck mode”.

What would be the description that you would give that definition for this single deck with dual layers ?

typical one or two decks each side of the mixer.

:minidisc: - Mixer - :minidisc:


:minidisc: - :minidisc: - Mixer - :minidisc: - :minidisc:

Love the key change idea and saving the prep folder/history as crates/playlists. I think having a global media search is another really good idea

Thanks for some really great suggestions Keep em comin

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Keep em coming? Ok… but this is my B-list :smile:

  • Internal software DSP effects, accessible by touchscreen in performance view (On/Off and selection of effect type on new screen), effect control by jogwheel (or touchpad). Thinking of types like flanger, phaser, echo, isolation, etc.). When activated status could be shown temporarily in center display.
  • Show total pitch adjustment 2 digits behind the point (3,63 % instead of 3,6 %) in 4%, 8%, 10% and maybe in 20% for more accurate pitching.
  • WMA playback support (non DRM)
  • Preferences: Pitch bend buttons + and - behaviour (± 8%, 16%, 50% or other values)
  • Preferences for waveform view: Original (One big, one small, as it is now), Dual waveforms on current deck (layer A + B) or multiple waveforms (linked playing / loaded decks)
  • Preferences: Layer switch on touchscreen by Pressing A or B enabled or locked
  • Search / filter by year (or range of years)
  • Show sum of total playback time for preparation folder / crates / playlists
  • Add a complete crate (or playlist or file folder) to preparation folder (by press hold - add to preparation folder?)
  • Preferences: separate Screen brightness and LED brightness
  • Screensaver / Eco modus after X period time of no use - dim screen (preferences: OFF, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes)
  • Language settings & keyboard language settings
  • Swap function in preparation folder: Press hold: Swap A (Swaps song with loaded track on layer A) / Swap B (Swaps song with loaded track on layer B)… or SHIFT + swipe left for active layer.
  • Shuffle mode for continuous playback of prep folder (or shuffles all tracks in prep folder via menu in upper right corner)
  • Pitch calibration in utility settings

+1 for this idea!


is there a way to use engine prime software to export a song directly to denon sc 5000 to play like rekordbox can do with the cdi’s…

if this feature can be added

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Are you talking about ripping from a CD?

I think he means the direct link function in RB.

I can see that if somebody wanted to avoid having an external hard drive with their tunes on it, and all their tunes were already on their laptop, that this “direct link” and “pushing” the tunes out of the lappy onto the SC5000 Primes would be a way of avoiding having to carry an external hard drive.

Is this what you’re aiming at ?


What i mean is ,use engine Prime on pc with a with rj45 lan connector…to the sc5000 That the software works together with sc5000…can this function be availeble ,reckordbox have that function that is called pro dj link you link your computer with your cdj’s and you can play music from your pc with the sc5000