Feature Request:

I would like to see a screen time out or an adjustable sleep mode as to deter screen burn-in or a screen saver. also, if a usb keyboard is supported why not a touchpad as well? I want to keep my screen as nice as possible. also, can the performance pads also be used as samplers as well? Is it possible to change the color of the VU LED from green,/blue/white to common Green/Yellow/Red? NAS connectivity? Thanks!

Hi Tekno1,

Remember to do a search in the Feature Request section, and if there is no earlier request, make one… But Denon has given us the Feature Request section, so its easier for them (and us) to see what could be interesting and possible (or not possible)

You find the Feature Request section here:


And for the Prime 4, here: https://community.enginedj.com/c/feature-requests/prime-4/101


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