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Not sure if this is the place to put this… but it would be nice to have the capability to put duplicate tracks in playlists again like in the older versions of engine

Look in this section for a similar request:


Otherwise make a new topic that section using the template given.

@DexxtraB as a workround when you put a track in playlist rename it with a prefix … either letter or number then you can add it as many times as you want.

i’m not sure if i’m doing it correctly. so basically rename the track title with either a leter or a number? each time i do that it renames each of the same tracks, unless you mean to do it outside of engine?

will do, thank you!

Yes outside of engine copy paste track then rename to a,trackname b,trackname etc It takes more room but its a workround not a solution.

OR make entire playlist n folder outside engine and number each track in play order. Then when you import to engine then sort by name and there is playlist in right order. Again a workround not a solution

Gotcha! i will do that for now, hopefully they bring that feature back. You are a life saver!

No worries buddy have fun