Feature request / Dream suggestion Sc6000 screen for DVS

Hi guys not been on for a while. Hope you’re all doing good?

I’ve had a thought, it’s probably already been discussed or suggested, may even be possible?

Imagine how awesome it would be if you could use the screen for the Sc6000 or other prime gear like the 4+ as a browser for DVS turntables, in the same way you’d use your laptop.

It would completely remove the need for a pc, mac or laptop and software. It must be possible as each player has its own CPU and the ability to add SSD storage.

So what I’m basically saying is why don’t they let us use our shinny media players or stand alone with giant screens. As the command centre for our entire set up?

This would be incredible and a real game changer / industry winner.


For most people this would be perfect.


great idea, initial thoughts would be can the computer inside the media player handle it… the Serato forums are littered with people having performance issues on 3 grand Apple laptops, im guessing the hardware inside the Denon devices doesnt match the 3 grand Apple laptops. Reading a timecode signal and converting it into vinyl emulated sound, how much processor does it take up?


Prime 4/+ with integrated DVS was also something I had raved about for a moment. Just getting two cheap Super-OEMs and use the outer two decks/channels with signal vinyls. Would had been cool, but I also strongly assume CPU and memory limitations. Remember, we only have RK3288 chips in our units (somewhat midrange mobile chip from 2015), the Apple M1 alone is probably ~ 15x faster. I am actually surprised the devs really push Stems, not that I would really need it myself, but it‘s impressive neverthless.

Maybe DVS is still possible as future firmware unlock at least in the P4+, if the required chips and circuits match, who knows?


Cheers man, yeah would be awesome wouldn’t it.

I’m assuming, Serato or similar actually wouldn’t need that much cpu, I think it only requires a 6th gen Intel chip or equivalent and 6th gen Intel was years ago. 14th gen should be out soon. I’m sure this is possible. If they did it they would completely destroy the competition.

If they can possibly do it they should definitely try. Perhaps this is one of those features that’s reserved for the truly next gen gear?

It’s something I’ve thought about before and even posted about once.

I’d say it’s very possible as my old laptop from 2007 ran Torq and Serato Scratch Live without issue. InMusic already have DVS with their purchase of Torq (and possibly Deckadance via Stanton from Gibson).

It wouldn’t need to have any more features added than what we have, just with the added bonus of platter controls via time code.

I think a change in direction with the (attempted) purchase of Serato will make things like this seriously considered at HQ.

Either that or they buy MWM Phase and add it to the Prime gear as direct controls without having to go the route of stylus-led DVS.


DVS runs at low latency on a cheap uca222 connected to a pi zero. DVS isn’t all that resource intensive.


It would need to open the players up to use an attached audio interface, as the players don’t have an input for timecode signal. It would be cool to see.

Timecode control may be possible with the prime4 like all in ones.

My intel core duo laptop managed fine with serato scratch live in 2009.

For the 5/6000, perhaps rane 12 could be provisioned to control layer 2 via HID/LC6000 mode.


Yeah I’m thinking they will have to step up the features of engine.

I just noticed there is a feature request section. I should have posted this there.

If they did this it would blow away pioneer and the competition. It must be possible.

Us DJ’s and hobbies’t alike want to explore as much as possible with our set ups. Because it’s fun. Imagine not needing a laptop for DVS. = Perfect.


Would be sick. Perhaps they could make it so we can just use sc6000 / Lc hotcues scroll wheel touch screen and just plug our vinyl decks into players via usb.

Perhaps they’d like to give me a job… :sunglasses::joy: Not gonna happen…