Feature ideas based on Engine DJ 3.4.0

I’ve started in February 2024 with Engine DJ 3.3.0 with Denon Prime 4+ standalone controller and updated to 3.4.0 now. Before that, I was using a Vestax controller VC400 with Virtual DJ Pro on a separate laptop. I’m living in Germany.

Just a features I’m missing:

  • Clock on controller is top, I’m only missing also the seconds that I don’t need a separate clock e.g. for exact midnight. Perhaps also with switching 12/24 hour format because 24 hour format is standard in Germany.
  • Keyboard layout should be switchable and not only US - especially when I need ä, ö, ü, ß for German songs (and also QWERTZ vs. QWERTY)
  • Info button for all ID3 tag infos available in controller version - I like it in desktop version. Especially: year, genre, album
  • more sorting options, e.g. by last play and playcount (what I loved in Virtual DJ)

After I’ve found the PREPARE folder it was easier to create a background playlist with continue play. Comparing to Virtual DJ I’m missing the automix option here - or at least to specify a number of seconds for mixing like it was available in Winamp already in 2000.

Ok, I’m still learning and have to invest to sort out multiple tracks in my 97.000 title playlist - but this will take a long while. Meanwhile I need better search - e.g. which version I’ve played last if the title exist 12 times in my collection.

Another thing that I am missing is to edit the ID3 tag while playing the track - e.g. to add that it is a live version or bad quality MP3.

Perhaps my proposales help to improve EngineDJ.


I think you already found all your missing features as a request to vote on. :wink:


Have you also downloaded and read the instruction manual so you understand all the features available?

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You know that the Primes are pretty much at thei highest point of any DJ device when the only things people can ask for, is already there (on most, if not all the models) and even then a situation resolved by a wrist watch or mobile phone within arms reach

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+++ NEED it…


You wouldn’t check before adding it to your system?

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