Fatal error X1800

Bought my X1800 in December 2019. First the sweep effects went bad, then the lower part of the OLED screen went out and became virtually useless. Now, my mixer won’t start up at all. When switching it on, it just keeps on cycling through the start-up procedure endlessly. From what I can decypher in the broken OLED screen is that is says “CONTOUR LOCKED” but I can’t find any advise in the manual or on-line what this means and how to resolve this. Has anybody ran onto the Contour Locked issue?

Contour lock You can set in the utility - fader and Crossfader curve setting. In general with such issues I would send it to service.

It occures me the same today. The mixer switched on, and then switched off immediatly with the same message of “contour locked”. I haven’t change anything.

Nervertheless, I found an issue, but I don’t know if it will run tomorrow. But today it does. While the mixer is switching on, go to the menu and choose the option to go back to the firm setting, then do ok with the knob to confirm. Sudenly it doesn’t switch off again. But it doesn’t go back to the first version of the firmware neither because I checked the version and it was the same 1.3. But after I did it, it was running like before the error.

I hope it can help you !..

I think something’s wrong in the new update 1.3 and I think Denon should update it to quickly.

Hi Gomchen, Thanks a lot! Your solution indeed works and my X1800 miraculously came back to life.
Denon indeed needs to address this, as the issue occurred seemingly totally random out of nowhere; imagine this happens again 2 minutes before you go on stage…

What’s the firm setting ??

@DJ_Sontag - The firmware there was at the begining, I mean before any update. You can find it in the menu of the mixer. The mixer let you just enought time to do the manipulation I explained above, and aparently it solves the problem.

@Blackhorn - I can’t imagine !!! I was desapointed trying finding issue and moving the cables to resolve the switch off problem. Almost, I just receveid my second vinyl turntable and it was imposible to use it… Moment of crisis lol I’m really glad it finally runs for you too dude :slight_smile: But did you notice it affects the color of the lights of the differents faders ? For me they keep blue now, whatever the color I choose in the settings of the SC5000M.

I upgraded to firmware version 1.3 on the day it was released. Worked fine until last week Friday when the problems started. Ran the procedure which you recommended, which went OK in one go, and it’s still running version 1.3 now.

Samething happened to me. I reflashed the firmware and is well.

Yeah I got also the same issue! It was annoying, because it never happened before and suddenly when I came to a club for a livestream session, the OLED displayed “CONTOUR LOCKED - Hold BACK and turn the knob to unlock”. After trying to hold back and turn the knob, nothing happened. It keeps restarting all the time. When the display turned on again, I ran quickly to the Factory Reset. Luckily it worked! But at the time all my mixer settings are gone. Please fix this issue Denon DJ Team!

Hello- my x1800 just received the ‘contour locked’ bug again. I originally made a post about this the first time I encountered it, but the post has since been locked. Is there any upcoming update/fix for this issue?!

Same issue happened to me today after 2 weeks without use. Bizarre.

The fix as mentioned is to VERY quickly, go to utility, system, factory reset. Boom. Sorted.

That wasn’t an option for me. Both times I had this issue I had to re-update the mixer with the current firmware. One of the Denon technicians is aware of the issue because I reached out regarding it. I would send in a technical support ticket because you don’t want to risk this happening at a gig, as that happened to me.

I’m a home DJ so not really an issue for me but if it happens again it’ll be sent back under warranty. Hope you get it sorted.

Happened to me twice and no matter what I tried I couldn’t fix the problem. I’ve been issued with a replacement, but I’m too scared to install the latest firmware because I’ve read that’s what might be causing it. If it did happen to the one I have now, reinstalling the firmware or quickly doing a factory reset could possibly fix the problem, but I’m not willing to take that chance