Fastest SSD (M.2 possible?)

Hi, i have bought a crucial MX500 1TB SSD and made an archiv with 400GB music. It works, but the search time is too long during a wedding gig (about 8-12 seconds). Is there a possibility to make the search much faster?

Maybe when i connect an M.2SSD via USB3 oder is it possible to build a faster SSD into the internal bay of the prime?

What can i do?

Already sollutioned - here ->

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Hello Antchi, I can not see that this post will help me.

I create a database with the computer at home. However, starting with a certain amount of songs, this becomes so big that the search takes about 10 seconds - which is simply too slow during operation.

The question is whether I can accelerate this search by a faster disk, or if I can make the database faster.

You already use an SSD. It will not go any faster, because it’s already filling the SATA bus. Anything on the USB3 bus will not go faster than SATA.

There are guessed conclusions of 1 second search delay per 10K tracks in the database.

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Thank you.

Suppose I analyze the 5000 tracks I always need and get the rest of the others into the database without any analysis - is it faster to load and search?

Don’t know if the analysis has any influence. I think it’s the amount of tracks. I looks like per 10000 tracks it results in 1 second search time.

The only way that a mere 10 seconds is “too slow” is if you’re not making use of the full range of options on the Prime 4.

You’ve got 4 decks and a prepare list.

What I do is plan

I know that at anytime before the bride and grooms first dance, I could need to load and play their first dance song, so, I’ll load that to deck 4 even before the evening reception begins.

As friend and family guests hand me their requests on paper or talk to me about their requests during the nights, I add those into the prepare list so that I’m not searching through thousands of songs, just scrolling through the 60 or 70 I need. I’ll also add difficult to dance to songs to the buffet playlist before the buffet.

So when the bride calls out for you to cut a song because she hates her guests request, or some guest request has killed the dance floor action, or uncle Phil comes up and says he’s ready to do his party Caberet NOW! You can just go to the prepare list or b&g playlist or one of your 4 decks. The rest of the solution is improving your own workflow to make use of these given features.

Searching twice as fast, in 5 seconds, or four times as fast in 2.5 seconds, or 10 times as fast in 1 second… is still going to need you to run the search and that means going to the search screen, pressing the magnifier to get the qwerty keyboard up, typing in the name or song title, pressing search then scrolling your finger through the results etc then pressing or swiping whatever you’re going to do with that track like save it to prepare folder or add it to a playlist, or load it to any non playing deck - so it’s best that all that pressing and typing and scrolling through results is done &before& you need the song, not &when& you need the song.

This is exactly what 4 decks and prepare lists and playlist are for.


Thank you for your very detailed description.

This workflow is normal for DJs with experience. It’s about something else:

There are enough other situations where you have to find a song very quickly.

The workflow was not the topic of my post. It’s about how and if you can accelerate the search on the device by another disk.

Reese has already answered that it probably does not work because of the interface.

Thank you for your answers.

It sort of was.

Prepare list / wait list and multiple decks beyond the two that are needed are new to a lot of people, and “known but not used yet” by others. Both features, especially the prepare list is totally about your enquiry. They exist to serve you, to give you quicker nigh instant access to your songs you need, the second you need them, by you adding those songs to the list or decks when you have that 10 seconds to search. The features are there to assist every DJ, including you. Their use takes away your time hotspots and smooth out your time

I doubt that the change will speed up the search as much as you want. Consider splitting up your single archive into several different folders. You will know enough about the song to navigate to the correct archive. Then search that single folder instead of the entire drive.