Faster way

Afternoon all currently which way is the fastest way to analyze a mass of mp3’s

Let engine prime do it on a computer before the dj session starts, as preparation

Can you please send a guide for me to follow please, and thank you for such a quick reply

That should be fine.

I havent watched it yet though

Thanks but already know about that way, looking for a faster way as i am using 4tb externals

How many cores and threads does your PC have?

Analysis is CPU dependent

Threadripper :sunglasses:

You need to analyze it quickly or not. I do the following in order not to omit anything; In addition to the playlists in my collection, I also have a folder called All Music and I put all the music on the disk into this folder without exception. You just drag the entire disk to the All Music folder for the night and go to sleep. Unfortunately, it took me a bit because I have almost 50,000. songs but in 10 hours it did me (Macbook pro i7 (4x 2.7 GHz), 8g ram, ssd). Then I made more playlists as I wanted but the music is already analyzed. In addition, if you do not put something in your playlist, for example with songs from a year or a month, you have the music analyzed and you will find it in the search, unless you do not remember the title or artist. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: Then only export to disk in P4, P2, GO, SC5000, SC6000 you know - what we have from the Prime family. I have been doing the same at Serato and Rekordbox for years

What makes Your macbooks so slow? i have same specs and only 16GB of ram and 50000tracks copy to a external drive by usb 3.0 does not take more than 20 to 25 minutes…?

I did not write about copying, but about analyzing recordings

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You said it’s a folder. In Engine prime there are no Folders, so I thought You mean a copy by drag and drop. Anyway, 10 hours for analysis of that amount of tracks is also crazy long…