Faders tension (NOT the Crossfader)

They are very very loose. there’s a way to tighten up them?

Agreed, wish they had the buttery smooth feel like the x1600. There have been countless times when I’m wearing a jacket or sweatshirt and the sleeve grazes the faders and knocks them down.

I’ve never seen an upfader with a tension adjustment. The Prime mixers don’t have an upfader plate, so trying DFG-213 on the upfader rails as an alternative to an actual tension alteration would also be difficult. If you need to remove the fader grease, that’s going to be even more difficult since I think they’re soldered directly to the board. I assume these are plastic conductive faders like on the X1700 and DJM-800, both of which worked fine with that grease, though are admittedly a little sticky on the ends after cleaning that never entirely went away even with the grease. The X1850 upfaders will apparently have more resistance in them, I assume as a result of grease since they’re the same size faders and still (I think we can also assume) soldered directly to the board. The X1600 and X1700 I believe use long Alps faders that just have a touch of actual tension. I’m wondering if a better stop gap for you guys short of trading in the X1800 for the X1850 might be something like felt or brush sealing strips or tape that gives a bristle-like physical resistance to either side of the fader stem. Then you could just put it on the faders from above. For that matter, I need to find some no-residue, dark, semi-translucent tape to put over (or under if I ever took the faceplate off) those FX assign upfader lights, but I digress.

i was talking about replace them, well my fears confirmed: soldered faders on the board :frowning:

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