Factory Reset Prime 4

Hi everyone,

I just want to ask if any of you know a way to factory reset the prime 4. I would like to delete all data, so I could make a resetup.

Thanks and Greetz Marius

What data do you want to delete,?

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Especially my login from soundcloud. So I could reconnect it. (changed my password a few days ago)

Unfortunately there isn’t a factory reset for the unit. There is a menu reset option for the settings but nothing deletes the actual data on the Prime 4.

It is something that I would like to see, especially for clearing data for the unit to be sold on.

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Thanks for your answer.

Damn thats so tricky. I`m kind of freaking out because that password change causes, that I can’t use that nice soundcloud option anymore. (only signed the soundcloud subscription for that) No chance to change or delete login data.

I hit up the support, but no answer so far. Gonna send it in here, when they got a solution for me.

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Can you get to the gear icon of the streaming service on the Prime4 or doesn’t it get that far?

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This is what happens everytime.(video)

As far as I know there isn’t any gear icon for soundcloud. (the foto is the only setting option for soundcloud I saw)

Ah yeah. It needs to be logged on for the gear icon…

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Is it possible to change your password back to the old one you used that worked to log in? Then log back in on Prime 4 (with that old password), then log out on Prime 4 in soundcloud cogwheel settings, then change password back again and then setup Soundcloud on Prime 4 again.

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Possibility yes, but it is something that needs to be addressed. Let’s say his SoundCloud has expired and wants to sell his Prime4 (to upgrade to newer/bigger DenonDJ gear of course!! :wink: ). A reset should be welcomed.

The only option we have is to firmware re-upgrade via computer. That normally wiped all settings.


Thanks for all your answers. :blush:

@addie Unfortunately the login works with an code that is send to my soundloud account. When I changed my password I disconnect all devices from that account. I would need a new sign in code from my prime 4 to reconnect it. Tryed to change passwort, back again, problem stays.

@Reese I think your abslolutely right. The re-upgrade option unfortunately also did’nt worked, because the prime 4 keeps the login information even if you doing updates. .

Edit after below comment

Okay great to hear!

Perhaps updating with the IMG-file method would also have worked.


Method for archival purposes:

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And in just that second I fixed it. :smiley:

I tried to re-upgrade again. In the 1.5.1 (used the 1.5.2 beta before) the “Login Failed” wasn’t shown, but soundcloud stucked in loading. So I was connect and the gear icon appeared. Now I was able to logout of my old Soundcloud und relog the new one.

Thanks for all your help. :blush:

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