Extremally long "Aggregating Drives" task when i start Engine DJ or insert USB stick

on a side note, I didn’t really find any setting you could change in Engine software, it is very different indeed from Traktor Pro 3 :•)

Yer I tried and couldn’t find anything to do that.

My dj name is displayed as “dopeNL” in everything else I do or use :•) So that would be good :+1:t3: not DJ dopeNL / Just simply “dopeNL” :•) cheers, and thank you :pray:

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Refresh browser

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Ahh thats better :•)

Many thanks :pray:

The last time I added music and updated Engine DJ library was a couple of months ago and I never had any issue with the performance. Today suddenly I have exactly this. Very slow performance of Engine DJ on windows… and I have no clue.

humm What Engine OS are you on? Perhaps the new iodate is causing problems?

The latest stable: 3.4.0

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I went ahead and installed Engine DJ on my 2017 i7 and used a 2TB WD Green 5400RPM drive to load 22,000 tracks. HOLY CRAP was it slow! It ran for like 8 hours. Why? The WD Green Drive was the limitation. I could see it in Task Manager easily.