External Mixer with Prime 4?

It’s said that the P4 sound card is pretty good & so I’m wondering if anyone here uses an external mixer for the purposes of improving sound quality, upping the headroom & reducing mic feedback?

I know an external mixer can serve as a backup outlet & offer additional inputs etc but my question is mostly around the sound quality. Will it be a sound upgrade or is the P4 soundcard so good (:wink:) that we’d actually degrade the sound? Any tips & thoughts appreciated. Cheers.

Er…you can’t upgrade the sound quality by feeding the output of one mixer into the input of another one.


Shhh…the analog mixer people will hear you… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


I thought that most controller mic inputs were quite sub-standard & that you can get better control & less feedback through an external mixer.

Yes by bypassing the Mic pres on the controller, that would/could be the case (depending on the quality of the mixer itself). And of course you’ll usually have more control over the EQ with an external mixer. I’ll tell you though, having feedback protection in future higher-end Denon Standalone units would be greatly appreciated. The one on the XDJ-XZ is an absolutely beautiful thing.

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Oh so you only mean routing a mic through another mixer. You should have made that clearer in your first post.

IMO there’s nothing wrong with the mic section on the Prime 4. It’s better equipped than a lot of other controllers. Feedback will be down to choice of mic and sensible positioning of speakers rather than which mixer you’re using.