External Mixer (Rane) Support for build in Soundswitch without Laptop

Hi Guys,

this is more a feature request. But i recently bought a Rane MP2015. Since it is a digital mixer i can use it with soundswitch. However, i really miss the build in soundswitch feature with my SC6000. Maybe you guys are able to integrate other InMusic Mixer into the build in Soundswitch eco system.

Is there any chance is can be happen?

Best regards, Max

Hi Max, considering inMusic track record in the past 5,6 years most likely chance would be a future Rane branded products being SS/EngineOS compatible.

Older ones would be a miracle considering the pace of updates.

I am on your site, that it will probably not happen.

Im no IT developer, however it shouldn’t be that hart to integrate into the players, the reading potential for midis.

We will see. maybe the soundswitch team can give us an answer, if it will be possible?

Got some feedback from SS. There is no development going on to integrate other mixers. While they state it would be a handy feature, is doesnt seem to come in the next time.

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