External Harddrive Size Capabilities!

Hi, guys, I have over 225,000 songs in my library. Will the prime 4 support an external 4-5TB drive connected in the back of the Prime 4.

Thanks in advance!!!

The official answer is that they (Denon) tested and recommend a 1TB SSD. You might be able to get by with your drive but if it works you may see slow search/browse etc.

Hi @DJMikey126, thanks for posting! We recommend using a 1TB max hard drive (external or internal) for PRIME 4. Larger sizes can be used, but are not supported.

As there must to be an order to the method how the 225,000 music files is put on the big drive (House, trance, reggae, soul and more) you could use more than a one 1TB drive plugged to more than a one USB port of the Prime 4

I know Djs like to cover all eventualities but that’s crazy. You could play for 15 months continually without a repeated track.

I play probably 100 tracks each gig and have around 4000 on my drive.

The VDJ Deezer plugin is there for emergencies but of course the Prime 4 doesn’t have that feature.

225.000 tracks … why :rofl:

While I see a need to have a lot of requests when you are a mobile DJ and I am sporting a (too big) collection myself, I have to agree with other posters that 225.000 tracks is a LOT.

I have decided to have a core collection of around 1.000 tracks that I maintain on a 1 in - 1 out basis. Even in FLAC that fits on all my devices, from an old iPod, my iPhone and iPad and just about any USB device I might want. The remaining “request” collection, I have downgraded to 240mbps VBR/Joint Stereo. That way most tracks shouldn’t be more than 5-6 MB. Even with that kind of collection you would (with a little weeding out) be able to squeeze it into a 1TB drive and easily into 1,5TB (while unsupported probably workable). In those cases I’d still recommend having your core collection on a different medium, but that is just me.