External effects with iPad and midi controller

I’d like to use my iPad Pro to apply effects to the individual channels. For example, I’d like to have my iPad with Midi Fighter Twister connected to my Prime setup (2 sc5000ms & x1800).

My goal would be to have the the knobs on the Twister act as a rotary dial for the channel volume, as well as add effects from an iPad app.

Is this possible?

In my testing, iPad apps such as AUM and Audiobus see the channels, however, I can’t get them to control the x1800 audio.


you need to select usb send/return channels on the ipad and set the mixers fx to send/return.

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Following… Sounds interesting :eyes:


Other than that you would need a separate audio interface for the iPad.

Hmm… I believe I tried that but it didn’t work. My understanding was that the send/return was for the TRS jacks on the back of the x1800, is it supposed to work for the usb connections as well?

Could you use the DVS send/return setting on the channel input selects for send/return of two channels out over usb to an effector, the. Feed the effected audio back in over usb into the other two channels?

You’d loose two channels but get your fx fun on 2 channels