External effects unit

Has anyone tried using an external effects unit with the GO? I don’t have one right now so I can’t try. The onboard FXs don’t sound great in my opinion. I saw on social media there was a guy that connected the RMX 500 but not sure how that’s working out.

On a side note, I wonder why it’s so hard to find a RMX 500 for sale nowadays.

The Prime Go doesn’t have a send and return but if you really wanted to, you could always run your Master out from the GO to the input of your FX unit like the RMX500 and then run the output of the RMX to your amp/speakers. You will lose certain functionality or flexibility that a send and return offers but you will gain the effects the external unit has to offer. You will also need to get creative and think about how you will use a headphone and what you cue in them.

Overpriced is my opinion. Not sure where in the US you are but I found some on eBay.

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Riiight. No send and return. Got to read up on what that does. Anyone know what the Aux is for? There’s already Booth and Master.

AUX is an input that sums directly into the master signal.

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There is another thread here where I was trying to help a Prime 4 owner with the same thing…there is really no tricks you could use to do this except for above advice and/or an external unit attached to your Prime Go to give you snd&rtn which would defeat the purpose of you getting a small Prime Go I’m sure.

As Reese pointed out, it’s another input. A friend of mine always uses his to route his laptop audio to his unit to play his dinner music playlist off Spotify. (can’t control it with the unit except for volume and EQ I think but that’s all one would need for background music).

Thanks guys. @Reese any idea if Denon is planning to make changes to the FXs on the GO?

No info. Sorry.