Exporting set track list

I’ve just upgraded to sc6000m and x1850 from my old traktor controller. Love it so far but there’s 1 thing I can’t seem to work out. How do you export a history of tracks played in a set?

Is there a way to do it?

If so can it be done as a single list combining all the decks data or do you need to do each deck separately?

Here some info:


Once followed steps for Engine Prime you can export in Engine Prime itself by right clicking the History name in the tree and then click export.


And on top:

Hope this helps

Cheers for that, as I’m using the ssd underneath one of them, I suppose I’ll have to put it in pc mode then to access it?

Would be good if they could bring out an iPhone app, that connects to the mixer, lets you record the set and export the history in 1 go, directly from the mixer and maybe upload directly to the likes of mix cloud with track listings.

Assuming you mean the internal SSD that’s correct. Alternative you can consider to switch to an external USB SSD for more flexibility.


Is there a way of getting just the song list without all of the additional information? As I have tried using the 3 options available.