Exporting playlists to Thumb drive

When I export my playlists from Engine Prime to flash drive, all the tracks end up in one folder instead of the playlists I selected. Is there a way to export my playlists so that they remain in seperate folders?

Thanks in advance

Copy them manually from computer folder to USB, then run the Thumb drive through engine prime.

  1. You will loose all your hot cues, loops, beat grids
  2. You wont be able to sync back changes you made using the thumb drive to the source drive

This is how it was designed. It’s designed for you to use crates and playlists and not worry about where the actual file is. It manages all that for you.

You may want to create your folder structure as crates/playlists

I’ve tried both, exporting playlists and I tried exporting crates and the the tracks end up in one folder titled DENONDJ2

I think you misunderstood what i wrote.

Copy the folders directly from your laptop drive to the thumb drive (no engine prime)

What hardware have you got?

MCX8000. Will doing that mean that I loose beatgrids, key etc?

Sorry, i didnt know thats the device. Thought you were referring to the Prime hardware.

Disregard everything i said.

@kradcliffe what say ye?

My MCX8000 is still being delivered. I wonder if the crates/playlist will be organized when I plug it in to the hardware, even though it’s in one folder on the usb stick.

I was aware of that but I want the track info.