exporting new cue point data

so i have a prime 4, great piece of kit, but just have a question that i cant find an up to date answer for, maybe someone here can help me.

so i have my full music collection in two places, on my pc and on a HDD internally on my prime.

i want to go through my entire collection over the next few weeks on my PC and add missing cue points, ratings, comments etc.

i then want to export just this data to the prime4. is this possible? when i use the sync manager it just overrights everything that was on the HDD intrernally on the prime 4 (that already happened me by mistake).

the prime 4 collection has some on the fly cue points i have set for tracks, so dont want to overwrite those either. although i think i may have already lost them when i last synced come to think of it.

is it possible to just export cue and rating data etc to the Prime without wiping the primes HDD?

thanks folks.

Are you not best syncing the HHD data into engine desktop before you start adding your data there? the sync manager is a 2 way street.

wil lthat not overwrite my entire collection on my pc? it did going the other way

As far as im aware all it does is update your collection with any additional data you have added on the device, for example if you add a cue point while DJing it won’t show on your PC until you sync it back to the collection.

yes, there isnt wiped anything in either direction if done correctly. this isnt windows

Dear @ robert_cope ,

the problem you posted I detected in a similar way. In my opinion the “sync feature” in Engine DJ doesn’t work as expected and it’s difficult to handle and so it’s a leak in general.

I damaged my collection as well, and so I created a workaround as follows:

  • I’m storing my tracks on a USB-Stick (exfat formatted).

  • This USB stick I use for my daily work.

  • This USB stick I have cloned, stored at a safe place (bank safe or something like that ;-)).

  • When I made changes (e.g. new tracks, hot cues, loops etc) on the original USB Stick I update the clone.

  • Before updating the clone I make a furthermore copy on my server (fortunately I have sufficient space on the server).

  • The server ist not formatted in exfat, the USB sticks I format in exfat, but it’S no problem to move from the server to the USB stick (formatted in exfat)

  • If I only make some amendments by hot cues or loops …, I only make a copy of the complete folder named Engine Library with all sub-folders including the database (*\Engine Library\Database2.…).

  • I keep some generations (more than grandfather, father and son) of the database on the server.

My recommendation: Try it out to make a backup (clone) and train to restore before you have the worst case and need the clone phps. at a gig.

Enjoy and brgds