Export Playlist CSV empty

Windows 10 user. The Export Playlist CSV empty, am I doing something wrong. I just right click on the playlist and hit export.

This is all that is in the table

#,Title,Artist,Album,Length,BPM,Genre,Label,Composer,Remixer,Year,File name

Trying to use a program to export into rekordbox that requires. Does anyone know of good windows program that will do this for me. I would really appreciate it. Or a fix to my issue.

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I think I figured it out! I had suspected the problem was me storing my files on OneDrive, because when I would export from a playlist on my USB stick, it worked. However, even though the export of USB playlists worked, this was rather annoying since I would have to copy files (slowly) from one USB to another in order to import elsewhere.

Just the other day I thought of trying exporting via the DRIVES panel → choose the local drive the playlist is on → export playlist… and voila!

My guess is there may be a bug in exporting direct from the main playlist browser panel. Think I’ll put a bug report in for that, as it should not matter where the files are stored or where you click export.