Export Cleanup Warning Every Time

I formatted my Prime 4+ SSD, and removed everything in my Engine DJ Desktop collection. I re-imported all of my tracks and let Engine DJ Desktop analyse the collection. I Sync’d to the fresh SSD.

Then I click Sync again, without making any changes, and I get this warning:

Export Cleanup
There are tracks that may be removed or overwritten from your drive on Export
Do you wish to continue?

How is it possible that things may be deleted? No changes were made. Why is it that this warning pops up always. Why do I have to wait 30s to a minute to be able to click this warning? Very annoying to have to wait after clicking Export to Drive for this message that comes up every time. Very annoying it pops up even after I just cleaned everything up.

Also, I’m starting to realize there doesn’t seem to be any actual developer interaction on these forums? Is there a better place to submit bug reports against Engine DJ Desktop?

Engine DJ Desktop 3.3

Note the words ‘may be’

Yeah, so just crying wolf? Still bad UX, especially since I have to wait some arbitrary amount of time for it to display this message.

If it’s going to display the message every time, then just pop it up. It makes sense to me that the reason for the delay is that Engine DJ Desktop is evaluating something, and it looks like this evaluation is bug’d.

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But you’re the only one having issues. This isn’t some widespread problem encountered across the board.

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Well, your response suggested that this was the appropriate workflow and that this dialog box would appear, regardless, because it says ‘may be’.

I am not the only person with this issue, I just haven’t given up on Engine DJ Desktop like others have already.

I disagree with your statement here @STU-C . Most mature (key word here) applications only warn you upon a change that is actually going to happen, not always warn you. I do agree with @meLon_Cucumis, it’s not the best UX. Though, it’s not a huge issue.

It seems like a stopgap for the eventual case that something may be deleted to warn users who would be surprised that THEY made a change to a playlist that will affect what’s on the device(s). Often times, the problems lie between the keyboard and the chair.

Just putting in my $.02. =)

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Thanks for your input, and yeah, I could get over it being there always if it would appear immediately and didn’t force me to wait up to a minute for it to show up.

Well I agree with you @meLon_Cucumis this is not a support forum but a community forum.

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