Export ALL files to USB from Engine Prime

Hi - very new user here so please bear with me. If I want all of my collection sent to my USB, even if they’re not in a crate or a playlist and just ‘searchable’, is there an easy way to do this? As a workaraound, a created a new crate called ‘whole collection’, added all the files from the window pane and exported that to the usb. Otherwise, I could only see how to export crates and playlists. Thanks in advance!

I would do this that way: Coppy all to usb, then run Engine prime to analyse. Ready.

And then export the playlists and crates that are associated with the files that are then on the USB after that? They came from a Rekordbox library so wanted to keep the rekordbox analysis

Nope. You may create a global crate, analyze all songs you may need in Engine, set your main hotcues/loop… You can create other crates. Then you do you main playlists… Then you export to USB.

Don’t forget to save tour database in case of EP crash.

No ned to export if it already was on USB

Yep but the database won’t be at the right place