Expanding or collapsing folders in the sidebar should not navigate you away from the playlist you're in

This has been a constant annoyance for me while using Engine DJ so I’m finally working up the nerve here to post about it.

So if you would, imagine you’re me. You’re importing a new track into your library, and you do this by first bringing your file into your go-to sorting playlist. OK, you’ve added your cue points and rating and whatnot, and it’s ready to be fully integrated into your existing playlists.

Oh but what’s that? You left a bunch of irrelevant playlist folders open, and in order to quickly navigate and put the new track into the right playlists, you need to first collapse the irrelevant folders.

So here’s the problem behavior: you go to collapse these folders in the sidebar, and boom, your main window has been navigated AWAY from where you were and into the very folder you were trying to not have to deal with.

I realize this may sound like a petty thing, but I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I can’t really imagine a use case where a user would possibly desire this behavior. You should have to click on an actual playlist/folder (ie not be just expanding or collapsing) in order for your sidebar navigation to influence the main window. It’s really honestly a constant annoyance for me that I think would be a very easy fix for the Engine team. Thanks for your consideration.

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Oh and I have one more very much related complaint. Again, please indulge me and imagine you’re me. You’re dragging your new track into various playlists. You start dragging, you scroll to the relevant playlist — oh but darn, it’s in a folder that hasn’t been expanded. While continuing to hold the track, you hover over the relevant folder so it will expand.

If you are lightning quick and can stop hovering in one very specific millisecond, you can avoid this causing the main window to navigate away. Even knowing this, though, I fail to do it more often than not. I now have to scroll back up through all my playlists, go to my sorting playlist, then scroll back down to where I was and start over.

I think there’s already a feature request for position focus not being kept during folder navigation.

You could have simply added one of your ten forum votes to that form, or, if it doesn’t exist, create it (and add one of your ten forum votes to that)

Couldn’t find an existing feature request on this so added one pending moderation approval. I’ll add a link to that once it’s up so hopefully anyone else that feels strongly about this can go vote for it as well.

To that end, don’t think I was out of line to post about it here, “You could have simply added one of your ten forum votes to that form” is a bit silly to me. I was interested in discussion on the topic.

Here’s the link, if anyone else finds this to be an issue please give it a vote!

Folders can contain tracks in addition to playlists.

Eg say you create a playlist with 5 tracks, you then decide to create Sub playlists with another 10 tracks.

When you click the parent playlist, focus shifts to the combined 15 tracks as it normally does.

I think playlist pallete like in rekordbox or virtual dj is a great approach for playlist management

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