Exit Mix Marker on Engine Prime

Good day… I am new to the world of digital DJ-ing and have recently purchased a Prime4 for myself. I am an older cat who has alder Pals who get together in the virtual world to reconnect with old friends, new acquaintances over good music… I am in no way a “Competitive DJ” just a guy with an enjoyable outlet. Anyway, I have been doing a crash course on the Engine Prime Software and had a question. I see there is the ability to set active CUE POINTS, but is there a way to set a marker of where I want to start the transition of my mix from one track to another? Not a cue point which could be "Jumped to, but just a visual cue point on the current track when to start the following track. Thanks and be safe and well. djEA

No, you can only cue points, I just use them as markers.

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I actually like this idea…

You can create a Feature Request in the forum, in the appropriate area (Engine Prime - Feature Request)

I would give it a like… Maybe even a ‘Mix In’ marker as well.

I think there are already numerous requests in this regard. It is called “Memory cues”. Look here for example: link

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