Error on startup: Your Music Folder can't be accessed

Hello together

I have after the update on 1.3.4 the error message in the Title. I have tried all, uninstall, restart, reinstall, uninstall, registry cleanup, install, etc. but every time i get the error on startup. After clicking on Exit, programm closed. My Music Folder is accessible. It worked before.

Error Screenshot:

My System is Win10 Pro 1903

Can someone help me please?

Thank you very much Daniele

Unable to see image

For me it works to start the engine prime as admin. Good luck!

hey there,

If your music is on an external storage… make sure your device has the same letter. (windows tends to change the letters from time to time if your plug it in different ports, or use multiple usb/sd devices…)

with the windows storagedisk-manager you can always redefine the device it’s letter.

F.E. if your sdcard/usbthump/hdd that contains your music had the letter F when 1st using EP… then it’s really necessary you 1st check in “my computer” if that sdcard/usbthump/hdd still is listed with the letter F before you open EP again. (VERY CRUCIAL!!)

I had that similar issue and it was fixed this way.

grtz N.