Eq, effects etc knobs all off center? Plus massive deadzones?

Today I finally swapped out my nexus 2 for the x1800 to compliment the players but I have some questions for anybody willing to answer.

First all the knobs on the mixer aren’t central and have some play in them to the left. When Tur kng to the right they are as tight as you would expect them to be? Is my mixer defective?

Secondly when turning all the eqs down to zero while a track is playing and then turning them up again there is a massive deadzone before you can hear the track coming back in. Just under the quarter way mark before the Bass etc is heard and is registered in the volume meter? Are there settings to change or meant to be like this?

This all doesn’t feel right to me and the quality is there if this is normal. I would think my mixer is defective but just checking I’m the only one. Thanks.


All the rotory knobs on my x1800 sit central as they should, they also feel nice and firm turning in either left or right direction. I have noticed a small amount of what you call dead zone as in I have to move the switches about a 5th or quarter before you really notice your cutting or adding frequency but think this is a bit of a common thing as others have mentioned it on this forum, but your switches not sitting correctly is not normal in my opinion.

In addition you may notice sweeping the gate right just cuts the sound out and the gate effect only seems to work sweeping left.

If it was my mixer I would question that it is not assembled correctly.


Thanks for your reply and letting me know. I thought it wasn’t right they didn’t sit central and there is a few mm of movement to the left also before it leaves the central position if you know what i mean. I will get a replacement sorted Monday as it only arrived on Friday. Fingers crossed the next one is OK and its not a batch they have. Thanks again.

Yeah my knobs are the same on my x1800, sadly. Denon has some QC demons to deal with for sure, but otherwise the mixer has been 100% rock solid, so far for me.

Did you try swapping the knobs?

Use a properly centred one on the non centred one.

You can rule out if it’s the pots that are not aligned or just the knobs.

I noticed the same on one or two eq knobs. Think I swapped them for mic eq from the main eqs

I initially thought it was error of parallax.

Can you pull the knobs and take a photo. I would love to see if its defective knobs and cheap potentiometers.

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Don’t know if they’re cheap, but they definitely are metal pots! No plastic like some competition has.

@DSM9781: If you take them off and turn it one “click” and put them back on, are they in the center then? And what is your EQ setting; kill or classic?

I took off one of the knobs and it seems to be fine sitting n the metal pot. It’s the metal pot that has a few Mil of travel to the left of the central position. Turning right is fine and exits the central knotch fine but turning left it takes a few Mil before leaving the knotch and engaging the eq etc.

I have the same issue with the knobs not being centered and the detent “click” is off center. Haven’t noticed any kind of deadzone, but that may be me not being used to anything outside of controllers, I’d rather the deadzone if any to be at the far left or right of the knob’s range anyways.

The fit and finish are definitely in question here, the SC5000’s are perfect though so there’s that!

Hi All.

Call support is best advice for all your issues.

First thing I did when I bought mine was to spend an hour or so inspecting them, I did not want to even use them if I had found a poorly fitted pot/switch, a scratch or anything at all, it would be straight away returned or exchanged. If your in warranty I would suggest talking to support ( you would not buy a new car with a miss aligned door handle or a new cooker with wrongly aligned heat controls ) your guaranteed that your product is as it should be unless you bought a B-stock mixer and decks? This should in my opinion be covered, it is not just cosmetic it is a control feature so you expect the full range of sweep on the rotary pots and that they feel/work as they should whatever direction of turn.

Denon are a pro company and a direct call to support should resolve these individual issues under their warranty terms.

I agree there may be some small deadzone on initial movement of the pots but the title for this thread says massive deadzones and I have not had the same experience with my x1800, If you have a massive deadzone then that does suggest something is very wrong with your mixer build/setup.

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