EQ colored waveforms on Prime4 when using Serato?

Hey there Denon world,

As a stand alone the Prime 4 is obviously a bad ass all in one machine. But as a controller, I’m missing some features. My biggest issue is the waveforms shown on the touch screen, when running Serato DJ Pro. There’s no detail to be seen here. I really miss the EQ colored waveforms, that the MCX8000 had on it’s displays. This makes it so much easier to see the progress of a loaded track, set cue points (as the waveform was zoomed in as well) and so on and so forth, without having to stare at your computer screen every time you have to do something.

I have some suggestions/ideas for features, that would help me as a DJ, when running the Prime 4 in controller mode with Serato DJ Pro. Don’t know if this is just me, but here goes…

So my questions for the Denon Prime developing team is:

  1. Would it be possible to implement the Serato way of seeing things on the Prime4 touch screen, when using the Prime 4 as a controller for Serato?

  2. Maybe the option to zoom in on the waveform, as well as seeing the entire track waveform, all EQ colored?

  3. Get the choice to hide or minimize your song library on the touch screen? Maybe make a feature where the library is shown, when using the scrolling knob on the Prime 4, and afterwards are hidden when a song is loaded to a deck. And maybe even a feature where the library is automatically hidden, when not scrolling for like 5-10 seconds.

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When using the Prime 4 with Serato, it’s Serato that displays the info on the Prime 4 screen. Therefore, you need to put your requests to Serato, not Denon.

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I see your point. But I’m guessing that Serato doesn’t have anything to do with the software inside the Prime 4, and how third party hardware shows it’s information.

Serato is basically only using the Prime 4 screen as an extension of the computer screen. What gets shown on the screen when Serato runs is 100% coming from Serato.

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@DJ_Wied when the P4 is in console mode, you have to think as if it were a monitor and a keyboard connected to the PC.