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Doe anyone else have the same issue. Prime gets quite a lot of my soulful house., incorrect by 1 BPM exactly. Its not a deal breaker, just means that when i am importing tracks, i am having to check them all to make sure BPM is correct. Which is time consuming

Have you tried the Reanalyse option?

no I have not i manually adjust bust can try that option, just find it odd that its exactly 1bpm

How do you know it’s incorrect? Are you checking the beat grid and noticing a very small drift over time?

…or are you simply going by what some other software tells you it is, or the site where you bought the music, or streamed it?

By checking the beat grid and you can see the small shift, It looks perfect at the start by the end it has drifted half a beat or so. Its always exactly 1BPM but not on all tracks.

I also see this on some of my tunes (no matter the genre) but then again I also used to see it on Traktor too. It does not bother me as I’m not using sync.

no does not really bother me either, just have to check them all thats all

What’s up @Mark3406,

Are you coming from or comparing it to another software? The reason I ask is that I moved my library over from Serato.

If you bring the library over from another software and perfom ANALYSE, Engine Prime (EP) will retain the previous BPM.

If you perform REANALYSE, EP will override the previous software’s BPM and write a new BMP based on it’s analyzation.

To be fair to EP, I’ve found it slightly better than Serato in analysing some of my tracks. This wasn’t always the case. The software has gotten better over the years, but still needs tweaking.

I have bought my RB collection in. I have its odd because they are right in RB but not Prime. Its not a problem more of an observation

It could be something to do with rounding of values - maybe the way data is stored in RB is being offset during the conversion due to different data thingies :crazy_face:

I’d suggest doing what Mixlive suggests on a few tracks and see if it improves.

Well it looks like you are right. I had just done the ordinary analyse and it didn’t work ok. When I did the method you guys suggested all worked fine. How bizarre

It’s not bizarre really. It’s (I’m guessing) a translation issue. The various programs don’t calculate/store their data in the same way. When the data is converted, it’s not a perfect translation.

You know, like some words from language A do not have a direct equivalent in language B.

Thanks for the help and the explanation. Certainly saved me some time Mark

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