EngineDJ v3.0 FAILS on Windows 10

I have updated Engine dj to version 3.0 and it continues to fail in windows 10. Since the previous update the program has not opened, it remains active on the taskbar but it does not open completely. The same thing happened to me on 2 different laptops. What I can do? Does the same thing happen to someone?

He actualizado Engine DJ a la última versión 3.0 y continúa fallando en windows 10. Comenzó a fallarme en la anterior versión. El programa no abre correctamente. Se queda activo en la barra de tareas pero no se llega a abrir. Me ha sucedido en 2 ordenadores distintos y no puedo trabajar con el programa. Le sucede a alguien lo mismo? Qué puedo hacer? Saludos,

Did you use any third party software with Your data base?

I don’t know your exact setup, but perhaps the program is active on another screen? You could try to right-click engine in the taskbar with the left shift button pressed. Then choose ‘move’. Then you can move the program with the arrow keys. When you see the program press Enter tot confirm. Perhaps this can help?

Thanks so much for the help I have tried everything, including putting an external screen and trying all the options, but it still doesn’t work. The only option to close enginedj is to go to task manager and close the application. It seems to use a lot of resources. To tell the truth, I don’t know what’s going on. It doesn’t work with previous versions either. :cry:

I would open a support case with Denon. I guess you have already tried removing the application and reinstalling it all over again?

Running nicely on My Win 11 main computer and 2 Win 10 laptops :+1: Maybe you’re having some windows issues?

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I’ve got the same issue on my windows 11 pc (fully updated). The first time it workt fina, bu now it doen’s run. Uninstalled and even tried earlier versions that used to work but don’t anymore…

Thanks to the fantastic team at DenonDJ in Spain I have solved the problem. It has turned out to be something as simple as deleting temporary files. To do this, in the windows taskbar, search for ejecute and add “% temp%” and delete all files. Sometimes the easiest way is the winner. I hope I have explained it well that my English is not the best. thank you all for the help, it feels good to know that we are a team.


This happened to me also and the fix was simple. Hover mouse over Denon icon in taskbar, right click, maximize. it popped right up for me!!!

its def. a software issue, as all other DJ programs ran just fine for me. Hover cursor overtop denon icon, white box pops up, right click and maximize