EngineDJ NAS thunderbolt (MAC)

Hello, I have a large music collection, over 1.5tb in size. I have all my media files in my QNAP NAS that connects to my mac via thunderbolt. However I can’t add the files into my collection.

When I drag and drop the folder where the music is located nothing happens, I have also tried creating a symlink with no luck.

My NAS is: QNAP TVS-882ST3

Any ideas please.

I’ve been waiting over 2 years for them to fix what works with every other DJ MX database software. I have the same issues as you with all of my music on my NAS. I finally gave in and copied my music to an external hard drive and have rebuilt my library from scratch. It’s a LOT of extra work for something that should’ve been sorted years ago.

1.5tb is small enough by todays standards to fit onto even relatively small capacity drives, NAS not needed.

Some NASs allow an ordinary USB drive to be plugged into them - some of those usb ports will show a drive to Engine DJ


It still should’ve been fixed a long time ago. Just because it’s not your workflow doesn’t mean that it’s not for many others.

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Using the word “fix” implies that something is broken. Just because software A doesn’t have the same ability as software B does not mean it’s broken.

I agree with Pasha. Every now and again someone comes out of the woodwork saying they’re using a NAS - but you’re few and far between compared to people using their onboard drives, external drives or cloud storage.

I say this as someone who has used NAS boxes in the past (my first was 20 years ago) but they just seem redundant now. They used to be sold in high street computer retailers. Try buying one there now.


Finding this out the hard way was incredibly frustrating. With Qt (the framework that is used to develop Engine DJ),it’s incredibly easy to pop up a modal alert dialogue when an improper source (network device) is used to add items to the library. I kinda wish they did this instead of nothing happening. :frowning:


We can agree to disagree. When iTunes, Apple Music, Rekorbox and Tractor can all read my files just fine off of the NAS then Denon is either just lazy or incompetent with their programming. You don’t have to scan very deep on this forum to see the scads of people who have issues with using Engine DJ software. It’s buggy and non-intuitive.

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Same with any softwares forum or Facebook pages … even OSs

If this is a feature you desire, please vote for it in the feature request section: https://community.enginedj.com/t/the-ability-to-access-read-music-files-on-a-raid-array-or-nas/36890/25

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