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Like many DJ’s using Engine and Denon products, I often find myself actually having to use other competitors products when performing in venues. As such, I usually export my EngineDJ playlists to a CSV, then using MIXO (or Lexicon) I convert the playlist to RekordBox or whatever and import it to there. However, the export from EngineDJ is missing (in my opinion) a couple of key fields. What I would like to see in the export csv are the rating and also comment fields. This would make the process so much smoother!

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The engine database is actually an SQLite database. You may use the “DB Browser for SQLite” (https://sqlitebrowser.org") to customize CSV export as follows:

  1. Open the [your music folder]/Database2/m.db file
  2. go to the “Execute Sql” tab
  3. Paste the query from below
  4. Customize the query to your needs
    • Edit the playlist filer ‘WHERE p.title=’‘’ or filter by playlist id if you have playlists with equal title
    • customize the column names as required by the tool where you import the csv file
    • convert values if required as required by the tool where you import the csv file
    • you may optionally select further columns
  5. Export results to CSV: there is a toolbar button for this action in the tab (not sure how it is title in the english version, see screenshot)
	SELECT CASE WHEN pe.nextEntityId>0 THEN pe.nextEntityId ELSE 99999 END AS Next,
		t.artist, t.title, t.path, t.bpmAnalyzed AS bpm, t.rating*5/100 AS rating, t.comment, t.year,
			WHEN t.key=0 THEN '08B'
			WHEN t.key=1 THEN '08A'
			WHEN t.key=2 THEN '09B'
			WHEN t.key=3 THEN '09A'
			WHEN t.key=4 THEN '10B'
			WHEN t.key=5 THEN '10A'
			WHEN t.key=6 THEN '11B'
			WHEN t.key=7 THEN '11A'
			WHEN t.key=8 THEN '12B'
			WHEN t.key=9 THEN '12A'
			WHEN t.key=10 THEN '01B'
			WHEN t.key=11 THEN '01A'
			WHEN t.key=12 THEN '02B'
			WHEN t.key=13 THEN '02A'
			WHEN t.key=14 THEN '03B'
			WHEN t.key=15 THEN '03A'
			WHEN t.key=16 THEN '04B'
			WHEN t.key=17 THEN '04A'
			WHEN t.key=18 THEN '05B'
			WHEN t.key=19 THEN '05A'
			WHEN t.key=20 THEN '06B'
			WHEN t.key=21 THEN '06A'
			WHEN t.key=22 THEN '07B'
			WHEN t.key=23 THEN '07A'
			ELSE '?'
		END AS [key],
		t.id as 'EngineDJTrackId'
	FROM Track t
	JOIN PlaylistEntity pe ON pe.trackId=t.Id
	JOIN Playlist p ON p.Id=pe.listId
	--WHERE p.id=27 -- unkomment if you want to filter by id
	WHERE p.title='<your playlist title>'

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Amazing! Thank you for sharing this!

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