EngineDJ 3.0 still no NAS support?

Hello Denon-Software Developer Team, why does the EngineDJ software on Desktop can not manage the MP3/FLAC Files from an NAS drive (SMB) ? I manage my whole Music Collection since 2012 on an Synology NAS with iTunes. Until today i can manage my library with all other DJ Apps like Rekordbox, Serato or Algoriddim DJAY via my iTunes library on my NAS.

Is it so complicated to get this work on EngineDJ for Desktop to do the preparation management, regarding that the files are natively stored on an NAS ?

Finally for the database it doesn’t matter where the files are stored, beacuse they only need to know where the files are linked to. As well when the Syncmanager will start to fill up the SD-Card or USB-Stick, for your DeneonDJ Device like Prime4 or something else, they do an copy-job. So as well here should be no matter where the files are located…so could be natively NAS…hm?

It would be awsome to get an response about this situation.

Unless i see me that i will sell my Prime4 after 3,5 years waiting to get this running for live gigs.

ReEdit: please don’t misunderstand me when i say “i see me to sell my prime4”. I don’t want to pressure something. I only want to know if this will still come or not. If the developmentTeam will says is No and will never come, then i am also happy with an answer to know that it will not come.

It’s poor to say but, my Prime4 are still not used live and is packed in the travelgearbox. So i’m still use for live gigs an set of Denon SC2900 and Reloop Mixon4 with iPadPro an Algoriddim Dejay Pro…and i be willing to change my gear till today.

Hope to hear something from you guys with an comment if there are planings for that or if this will be never released.

Thanks in advance

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It doesn’t have it yet

There’s a future user feature request on the forum but it’s only had a few votes compared to many many other requests for consideration,

It might happen. It might never happen. Best option is to use a workaround in your workflow

However, as you’ve go down the rather whimsical route of saying

Then I would suggest selling your kit now as that sort of guilt-tripping has never previously been seen to get InMusic to drop everything in response to such tactics.


Why not put the files somewhere else?

To be blunt, you don’t NEED to store files there. You’re creating your own restriction.

Store them on your computer, or an external drive, or the cloud (which is so commonplace now that it’s built in to operating systems and DJ equipment).

There are plenty of other options these days. I haven’t used a NAS for many years. IMO there’s just no need now. My music is backed up to the cloud and to external drives.

Maybe take a look here?


As in this forum couple of times stated: You should buy a product what it can do now, not what it might can become. A NAS solution would be nice, but the Denon team has not unlimited resources and NAS ist for the majority of users irrelevant. Would not count to much on. Maybe pioneer has something like this :man_shrugging: otherwise is would say you have to stick with algorithm DJ


Just use Synology Drive to sync your iTunes library to your desktop. Any changes made on the desktop sync to the NAS and vice versa.

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Hi Pasha, thanks for answer and for your pointing about my used wording . I really do not want to do pressure on the Development Team. So i have Redit my post about the selling phrase…hope the meaning is now better.

I really don’t want to pressure something up and i see that my wording in this case was wrong. shame on me The point is, to know or get an answer, if we can count on it in future releases or if this will be never released from the DevTeam. So like me Users can decide it better or have the choice to stay and live with it or to leave it and sell the device. So i tried to find the right words without to be bad on it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No worries - I’d take the majority advice of others in this thread: pick a different /non-NAS solution. My Nas boxes have got usb ports on the back for connecting normal/standard usb drives - which works great.

Denon never give out details in advance of what might or might not be in any future update. It would be wrong to promise something in 99 days, 4 hours, 6 mins etc, if for example the inclusion of that feature in beta testing caused some issue with 4 deck auto sync or WiFi streams or whatever, then the “promised” 99 days could elapse with the feature not released. That in turn, would have all sorts of floor-level temper tantrums ad-infinitum … not right, or good either.

We also have to consider that there as nothing on the box or instructions that said Nas compatible, nor that it ever would be.

Denon have said repeatedly in the past about some other requests which became demands for some minority individuals, if it doesn’t have a feature that you need/want/guessed it “probably” would have, then don’t assume that the feature will ever appear. A little pre-purchase research is always astute when considering a buy/don’t buy situation.

Sometimes, if you’ve got a triangular storage box for the world, it’s easier to change the box, than change he world.

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Hi BennyTee, looks fine and nice :slight_smile:

Well my Hardware setup looks like this: iMac27 (mid2010 HighSierra) 2TB SSD ( iTunes / Mixed in Keys 11 / Platinum Notes4 / Ableton Live 9 Pro / Rekordbox 5 ) MacBookPro16 (late2019) 2TB SSD (Serato DJ / algoriddim Djay Pro / ) Precision M4800 with 1TB SSD (Serato DJ) Precision M4300 with 500MB SSD ( iTunes / NI Traktor 2 Pro / Roland BOSS SP-555 Wave Exporter Tool) NAS213j 2x 2TB (itunes Storage 320kb) NAS415play 4x 4TB (itunes storage ALAC / Bandcamp / Musicproduction / Vinyl Rips / other data)

With all devices i have access to the main and truth music collection on my NAS, without need to copy on local Harddrive. My complete CD Music collection (+1800) is ripped as 320kbMP3 and Loosless ALAC/FLAC, as well there is some digital bought music from Amazon/Apple and some Vinyl Rips etc…and i am still buying Vinyl and CDs (sorry for being to old skool… its my fault)

As well i want to be independent to reach out my music with other Devices like to listen via appleTv box my music from my NAS directly to my living room.

But i hope really that nobody understand me wrong. I am no bad about it, that Engine DJ is still not able…i am only wondering why :thinking: and hope if maybe come…and if not then i need to decide to change my dj gear…without to being bad of someone else…its only an question of personal decision.

I really give Denon here big applause :+1: :clap: about creating a great dj gear devices in the last years. But poorly for me :pensive: it do not match my workflow and i see that with serato and rekordbox is no problem to direct access to my NAS collections without syncing to local drives.

So thanks to everyone and for sure i am open to any advice or ideas…may i will find an solution that works :innocent:

cheers !

Best of luck with the triangular world box

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Advice and ideas already provided (see earlier posts).


Thanks PKthe DJ,

yes i have tried the symbol link, but still won’t work for mac. the symbol link can be set to an file single mp3 file, but not for an entire folder where the complete music is. so symbol links for each file is no go…sorry

but who knows, maybe there is an other method on mac with symbol link command. hope someone has an idea or advice :slight_smile:

I wasn’t referring to symbolic links…

Oh yes sorry PKthe DJ, i was searching in the Forum around and check some other possibilities. So I mixed it up with different posts.

Well you mean moving all the music collection to the cloud ? What does this means about the workflow in managing and organize the playlists in EngineDJ? Can I directly mange it into the cloud or needs to be download again local?

Maybe I misunderstand it in the moment for getting a full picture Of managing the complete collection (+700 GB).

Do you use EngineDJ to manage your entire music collection as well or only some DJ sets ? May I use it wrong :thinking:

Thanks in advance

I believe PK is saying you should store your library internal on your computer then use that for your engine DB…. You can then use the NAS to back it all up and have that as your security for your music collection.

It’s not getting you want you want, but it is backing your library up on the NAS at least.

It’s unfortunate that symlink’s don’t work on a Mac the same way they do on Windows because the whole NAS support topic would pretty much be non existent. Adding music to Engine DJ directly from a NAS share/Network share natively without a need for symbolic links or the like would certainly be desirable in my opinion, and would get my vote.

That said there are workarounds which can be adopted. The main one being having a copy of your library locally on your Mac and syncing that with your “Music” NAS shared folder using Synology Drive server/client apps. Synology Drive | Your private cloud for file management and sharing anywhere | Synology Inc.

This works very well for myself especially as my music library is not very big yet so I have ample internal disk space to host it on my MacBook. In your case 700GB+ well that could be challenging. Although you did mention you have 2TB internal SSD so it’s possible you do have room. Also the 27" 2010 iMac’s are pretty easy to add additional internal HDD/SSD’s to. I remember adding an additional one to the CD drive sata connection when I had mine back in the day.

In short, I don’t think anybody here is against NAS support. It’s just that most have found alternative solutions in the interim.

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Thanks STU-C,

Okay I understand now what you mean.

That means, I need to declare which of my devices will be the master (only for EngineDJ). So I‘m not able to switch easily between my different machines (1x iMac, 2x MacBook, 2x Dell PrecisionNotebooks) to feed my library for all other stuff. :thinking:

So I would need to feed EngineDJ separately with music and as well only on one of my machines.:thinking:

In early version of EnginePrime, I was hopeful that this could replace my Music Management System based on itunes, where I share and feed all other DJ Systems I got (Denon is not the only one that I use).

So for EngineDJ I need to define an extra separate library. Let me do some exercises and check if I find an more convenient to way. Got now some new ideas.

I will share then the results :blush: djNunoKA

Yeah id say that is the best approach. I have 2 macbooks and one is purely setup for DJing and nothing else, the other i use for photo editing and general use. I have recently synced the music from my DJ one to the other using a program i found on the app store. This was so i could test out Serato 3.0 on apple silicon, but ill still be using the older one as my primary device.

I think this is a valid functionality to expect, and is something I’d dearly love to have. Actually there have been quite a few threads on the forum wanting NAS access because it’s pretty common for people to store their media in a centralised location. @DJNuno , definitely make sure you vote on the feature request. I use Synology drive to mirror my music collection to my PC. It’s ok, but honestly it’s an ugly workaround.

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