Engine3.0 & 3.1 issue: deleted songs randomly appear at the end of a playlist

Engine 3.0 Mac : Monterey 12.6

The issue come out when i connect a destination device to export my playlists (usb, sd card).

When i prepare a playlist everything seems to work as i expected…, after connecting to a destination device deleted songs( deleted: as i add and delete many songs creating a playlist) reappear randomly at the end of a playlist.

Anyone has this problem here?

Try 3.0.1 perhaps?

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:sweat_smile: downloaded and installed right now

Check out this Engine DJ tutorial… Engine DJ | Deleting Tracks From Your Library & Drive - YouTube.

Make sure your drive column is available for viewing. Are those tracks added in the playlist on the destination drive? You may also select the desktop drive from the drives tab to see what is only in the playlist on your desktop.

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issue persist in 3.1…i also tried the suggested procedure in the tutorial but result doesn’t change; i always have some song added at the end of a playlist

I have noticed this as well. I’d have to have a play around to find out the exact steps to replicate. It isn’t when you delete songs from a library, this is when removing songs from a playlist.

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