Engine V1.3.3 not working :/

Hello all I have had a problem with engine since the other day I will try to attach the video I took. It won’t play a song or anything , it loads up fine etc but when I try to drag the track along,set cue points, play etc nothing is happening. I have just installed V1.3.3 and it is still doing the same , does anyone have any ideas ? Thanks.

Try running it on a different computer.

What’s your current computer spec?

was going to ask the same thing.

What type of computer and operating system are you having trouble running Engine Prime 1.3.3?

Hey @ENBI89 Thanks for posting, i’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with 1.3.3.

Can you check that you have Engine Prime set to output audio via your computers default soundcard? Open the preferences menu > Audio > Audio Device then from the dropdown select ‘default device’

I’ve seen this issue once before, and the ‘audio device’ dropdown was blank.

Let me know if this helps!