Engine USB Stick for Rekordbox Software on a Mac?


normally I am using SC 5000 M, but in a few days, I need to play on Rekordbox-Mac-Laptop with Pioneer Controller from a friend. Is there any way to use my Engine USB Stick with Playlists and Loops?



Well there’s some old fashioned looking software which is still only on Mac, and it’s very outdated, which was called ■■■■ but there’s a more modern and advanced software now called Lexicon DJ, which works on PC and Mac and will convert engine library to rekordbox

Thanks a lot Pasha - I’ll try and report :grinning:

Lexicon is not, what they promised for 15 Euro per month. On my Macbook M1 OS Monterey its a little laggy, but thats not the problem. The big Problem is that every Grid is not in beat on track. Its always a little to late. For this one gig its quiet okay for me, but for general use I cant suggest it.

I had use paypal to pay for this one try, cause the demo is not able to export. And now I’ll try to get my money back.

Please send me a few of your files that are getting the beatshift problem so I can inspect them and see if I can fix that for those files.

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