Engine to Rekordbox?

Hello, I want to know if my Prime library is compatible on the Pioneer world? Yes, I have a pair of 5000 and I’m very happy with… But I clubs and radios, it’s almost Pioneer… So, I don’t want to be isolated… I know that Prime read Rekordbox datas, but the opposite? What will happen if I plug my Denon USB stick into an CDJ or XDJ??? Thank you!! Hervé, Geneva.

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Pioneer no clever enough in their processors to do that translate task hahaha

So no, pioneer wouldn’t read Engine

Yes, of course. But 3rd party software? Without that, Denon dj has no future. Except for bedroom dj’s… Even if I love my 5000, I will sell it and go back to CDJ if no compatibility… Because it’s the standard in every club.

take a look at atgr.nl a sort of Swiss army knife for DJ convertion tools. I’m still on Rekordbox and use this to convert to Engine.


Thank you, I ll check… But i think I will trail to use rekordbox and convert directly on the 5000 device… This way, I will be ready for both world… Hope it works…

The mentioned tool can help you make a stick (from RekordBox) that will play in both environments I think …


Helas, not compatible and it will stay that way until one day Pioneer loses ground. On the other hand, I would urge those clubs you’re playing in to consider using Denon as it is better and cheaper. Perhaps with enough pressure, they may one day change the rider.

Not so much Pioneer, but club standards are slowly disappearing already. Venue-owners (specially the somewhat smaller ones) that bled to buy Pioneer kit because they couldn’t find DJ’s to play there otherwise, now see DJs come in bringing their own gear. Trust me that when their current gear needs replacing they are not gonna shell out another small car worth on gear.

Which is fine imho. Have a good, well-tuned PA in your venue & a couple of decent XLR-cables to plug your controller main out into and some power and one or two monitor speakers (possibly through a small PA mixer in the booth). Should you ever get a big name DJ that insists on having a Pioneer setup, you can just rent it for the night (or keep that old setup somewhere in a closet).

It would solve a lot of discussions, a WHOLE lot of redecorating the booth to accomodate those bringing their own gear.

Just my 3 cents, but I’d be really surprised if 10 years from now we can still talk about a “Club Standard”, regardless of the brand.


I do get a warm fuzzy feeling when a club/bar hires me and they say they have a NXS2 set up. I automatically assume it’s gonna be a fun, stress free event.

Pioneer didn’t become “standard” by murking about. They released stable, solid products. Even if they crippled them for profits.

Eg different jogs and hot cue buttons on the CDJ900 vs the 2000

Well said DJ_Vintage.

I agree. Pioneer ask insane prices. And now there is competition offering 4 times more value for the money. As a club owner you’d be a complete idiot to spend 3 times more. If DJ"s wanna play they have to adapt or bring in their own ■■■■.

I can understand that but you’ll hopefully admit, recordbox also had a lot of issues in the beginning with CDJ’s hanging and even stopping in the middle of a track and the only thing you could do was power off/power on. THe Denons are not bug free but that has not happened yet to me with Denon…

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