Engine Prime Version 1.1 is here

Engine Prime update to v1.1 - the latest version of Denon DJ’s proprietary music analysis and librarian software, features improved iTunes folder management, improved library search capability and performance enhancements too. Loops and cue points can now be added while a track is still being analyzed, and searches are much more flexible / powerful. Engine Prime v1.1 can be downloaded on the link below:

Engine Prime 1.1 Release Notes


Engine Prime 1.1 software is compatible with all versions of Prime Supported Hardware - SC5000.

Engine Prime 1.1 databases on your computer are not backwards compatible with your existing internal Engine Prime 1.0 system database on your computer. Reverting your computer back to Engine Prime 1.0 after upgrade may cause undesired behavior and loss of collection integrity.

We recommend making a backup copy of the Music/Engine Library folder as an extra safety precaution before upgrading.

New Features:

  • Embedded iTunes structure now supports playlist folders and sub playlists.
  • Embedded iTunes playlists are easily imported to Engine Prime playlist and crate areas via right click menu or dragging.
  • Added support for custom iTunes XML database location.
  • Improved Searching. Users can now use spaces to search text within multiple fields at once.
  • Added ability for Loops and Cues to be placed before analysis is complete.
  • Added ability to right click within a playlist and renumber the playlist based on the current playlist sorting.
  • Filters now highlight all shown related compatible keys and BPMs when selecting items in the lists.
  • Missing songs that could not be packed to a drive are now listed in a missing files crate.
  • New “Job Monitor” feature is accessible on the lower right corner of the application. This feature helps the scheduling of song packing to drives, adding tracks to collections, and other processes.
  • The number of songs selected is now shown at the bottom of the screen.


  • Improved robustness of Crate and Playlist system.
  • Improved removable drive “packing” system.
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where some external drives do not show up as external drives.
  • Fixed an issue where under rare circumstances, tracks would end up in the wrong playlists/crate after packing.
  • Fixed a potential crash which could occur when updating the iTunes Library within Engine Prime.
  • Fixed an issue where meta tag data was not shown when navigating within the system file tree.
  • Fixed an issue where “Date Added” and “Date Created” were not shown.
  • Stability enhancements and bug fixes

Other Changes:

  • ASIO Support has been removed from Engine Prime 1.1. Windows users, please select the Windows WASAPI versions of your desired audio interface to continue.

To download Engine Prime 1.1 - Please click on the link above.


Not mentioned, but scaling on 4k monitors appears to have been improved (at least on Windows). I can actually read everything without the aid of a magnifying glass now!

Excited to dig into this new version a little more. Thanks to the dev team.


Only me? But on Windows 10, everytime Engine do analysis, the mouse trackpad it is disabled. (Acer Laptop). Other annoying thing is the delay when you scroll. I would prefer a fixed scroll, without delay. However, these things do not happen on the Mac. :kissing_heart:

Why ASIO Support is removed? Saving license fees? Depending on the planed journey of engine prime, this seem to limit the possibilities. At least I am wondering.

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