Engine Prime v1.2 Software Update Now Available

Hi guys - as mentioned in the SC5000 Prime category page, here’s specific info on the Engine Prime v1.2 software update. Some great additions, including NI Traktor integration, enhanced ‘playlist’ workflow, improved downbeat detection + more. Here’s Jason from the Denon DJ Product Team to explain the features in detail:

SJL0-1.2.0 Engine Prime 1.2.0: New Features: - download: http://denondj.com/engineprime

Collection/Database Features

  • Traktor Playlists and Songs, including Loops and Cue Points can now be imported into Engine Prime via exported Traktor NML file.
  • Playlists can now be added to folders.
  • Added 98 - 195 BPM analysis range.
  • Serato Playlists can now be dragged to Engine Prime Crates/Playlists areas.
  • Dragging a crate to the same crate on a remote drive now adds the content to the remote crate.
  • Downbeat Detection algorithm is improved.
  • Playlists and History lists are now exportable as M3U, CSV or JSON files.
  • FLAC and Ogg files now show album artwork. All tracks already in collection must have album artwork added by selecting “Re-import track information.”

Misc Features: Added a safety feature where waveform data will no longer be written to the database if the DB filesize is close to the maximum file size when using FAT32 (4 Gb)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue which prevented Serato databases stored on non SC5000 compatible drives from being shown in the Serato library pane.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting tracks to a removable drive could hang on 1 track remaining.

Noticed a drop down menu when exiting Engine Prime. It gives a warning about outstanding tasks and also gives you the option of continuing the tasks and scheduling if EP should close, if the computer should shut down on completion. Is this part of the newly added goodies or did I miss it in earlier versions?

If it’s new then it’s brilliant. One can just line up tasks and go to bed…like I’m about to do now. Finally able to use my Serato library on HFS external it’s 62k songs deep and I’m not staying up to monitor the progress.

Where to find this documentation as mentioned in the kb article?

The update also includes a number of small bug fixes and stability and handling improvements. For a complete list of changes, please refer to the documentation included with the update in the download

Excellent update Denon! Haven’t played with it yet but looks very promising.

Just 3 more things to add:

  1. Traktor enhanced hid control
  2. Ability to access Engine Prime directly from pc via a link mode to the players or mixer
  3. A record function for vinyl, tape, and sample recordings.

Keep up the good work!

Update: New version will not run on my pc. Installs successfully but crashes out during the initialization in start up. Had to roll back to the prior version until this gets sorted out.


Only thing missing for me is RGB waveforms and a true flexible beat grid, and I’ll be 100% happy. Those are the last two gripes of mine that I had.

I’d also like a better phase meter but ehh LOL