Engine Prime update Crashes when creating new crate

I have 21.5 iMac Running High Sierra 2,7Ghz profesor intel Core i5 8GB, I installed Engine Prime 1.1.0 and now the system crashes all the time.

When it starts up it comes up with an error message saying my internal Hard drive is corrupt (it’s not) it asks me to reformat and the software will not work properly. I updating both my iTunes and Serato library and the software crashes. I did not have this problem with the regular Engine software. I have been an cdvid support of your company for years.

Could someone please get me some answers to this problem. I’ve already suffered through one incident at an event. Lucky for me I was able to recover with my back up iPad pro. Worried

Hi Tony - How has Engine 1.1.1 been working for you, on mac ?