Engine prime to other software

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone is aware of a way to export engine prime playlists to other software? (Don’t worry i’m not jumping ship)

I use a prime 4, and I have a charity stream this weekend. As hard as I tried, they are reluctant to let me bring my prime along as they aren’t familiar with it and we don’t really have much time to practice before (handy for me who’s never used a pioneer club setup before lol).

Is anyone aware of a way to export prime playlists to rekordbox, or at least to iTunes so that I can import from there. All my tracks are already in iTunes, but my playlists and crates are all in prime.

While i’m here, big up for making the prime read any USB, has saved me and my friends asses many times!

Thanks in advance

Did you not read the manual? You can export crates and playlists, in various formats.

Could you specify the Engine Prime V1.5 manual page where it talks about the exports you mention? I can’t find it. In the manual I find only the “import” part from the various other programs.

Try searching the PDF for the word export

right click on the crate you want to export and select… export :slight_smile: if you export as m3u, you can import it in iTunes

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 8.10.06 PM

If you are on MacOS there is a way to convert from a Denon Prime performance drive (=Prime 4 internal drive/external USB etc) NOT the EP collection to Rekordbox. Maintaining cues/loops etc set in Engine Prime in Rekordbox.