Engine Prime - Serato (Smart-)Crates


i am using Serato and as Backup or for smaller Gigs Engine Prime.

Is there a way do keep my Engine Library in Sync with my Serato Library?

Importing Serato Crates everyday take a long time and also the Smart Crates are missing.

It would be very nice to have both in Sync.

Greetings from Germany Kai-Uwe


We’re unable to pull in smart crates, because they are actually searches that Serato makes and we don’t have access to that info unfortunately. The workaround would be to copy all tracks in a smart crate over to a regular crate and then import it, then just keep it updated everytime you import new tracks.

As for the import time - large databases will take longer to import. We are looking into ways to reduce this however we can not promise a date for this.

will EP get a “smart-crate/playlist” feature?

would be a great addition: in RB I use them freq, e.g. a smart-playlist that contains the files added the last 14 days.

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Denon doesn’t answer or what? :sweat_smile:

This feature has been requested below. Please like the original post if you would also like to have this feature. Thanks!


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