Engine Prime: pre-active set loop

Hello, Is it possible to pre-activate the loops set in Engine prime when playing the track on a SC5000? In fact, I set a loop on at the end of a track, but when I move on the SC5000 controller, the loop is present, but not active… I have to push the SC button to make it loops… I miss something… Heed, GVA.

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At the moment no - it was functioning back in 2018 in 1 software-version, but it was removed with the following one. There a several request on this topic in the Request-Area, but it havent been brought back yet :frowning:

Okay! Thank you Engell.

You are welcome Herve,

A good idea is to always search the forum first - most of the times you quickly can find the answers :slight_smile: And remember to Like the Feature Request ´s that you think are good :slight_smile: