Engine Prime not Syncing tracks to in-built SSD

Hi, i’ve recently got two SC6000’s and want to export music onto the built-in SSDs i’ve put in them. I’ve got all my music in engine prime and have formatted the SSD to exFat and put the players in computer mode, all working so far. However, when I sync the playlists i’ve created the track information, artwork, bpm, rating, playlist structure, folders etc gets sync’d, but none of the music does? I’ve tried dragging and dropping onto the player however i get a “packing issue” on whatever the first track is no matter if I remove them. I’ve reinstalled prime, restarted my mac, erased and reformatted the ssd, brought tracks directly off the desktop, nothing works to get the actual mp3 onto the ssd.

I’m running the most up to date engine prime as I’ve just redownloaded it from the website. Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.1 and have the player on V1.6.1.

Any advice would be much appreciated



What about exporting to a flash drive? Does that work? What about only syncing a single song?

Try another USB port. What type of USB port are you plugging into? Do you have another computer you can test from?