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Hello Denon dj’s,

I have a strange problem with Engine prime. There is no sound when i play a tune. I have a traktor audio 6 soundcard with the latest asio driver (4.20) for windows 10. Al mine other music programs on the pc work with this soundcard. No problems. Buth with engine prime if i choose default device i have no sound. The other options i have in preferences are: channel B output traktor audio 6 and S/PDIF digital audio. None of them work. Mine main output for the pc is: main output (traktor audio 6) but there is no option in engine prime for this. I have re-installed engine prime but no difference. Edit 22-11-19: I have engine prime now working with the onboard audio (pc motherboard) chip from realtek and unplugged mine traktor audio 6. I read at the Denon knowledge base that engine prime does not support asio drivers and instead i have to use wasapi driver. Why does engine prime does not support asio drivers? Recordbox works with asio drivers. So i can’t use mine traktor audio 6 interface which has much better sound.

Engine Prime is a music preparation software and not a mix software, so it’s not useful to go through another card than the computer.

DJMell answered your question. Better question to ask yourself (or NI) is why Audio 6 does not have non-asio driver?

Also, are you sure your device does not have non-asio drivers? Windows usually installs the generic WDM drivers for audio chips. You just might have the issue where win hijacks audio device that is set as default so no other apps can use it.

Thanks for your reply DjMell26…but… why does recordbox work with this soundcard or Audacity, Izothope,Ableton and even Winamp. And what if i don’t like the quality of the onboard soundcard (Realtek)? So your solution is to get rid of the traktor audio 6 and use the onboard soundcard? Also thanks for your reply SlayForMoney, if i open the speaker icon in windows 10, sound preferences/options, i can choose the realtek (which i first had de-activated in the bios) and Main output (Traktor Audio 6 WDM Audio). If i open Traktor 2 on the pc i can choose traktor audio 6 WDM audio (Wasapi shared mode) and also Realtek high definition audio (Wasapi shared mode)…but… i just open Engine Prime and you won’t believe it, but it works with the Traktor Audio 6 as main output. If i open preferences in Prime there is now the option for main output traktor audio 6 wmd (which i did not have yesterday) and default device also work. So the problem is fixed. Maybe because i did update the pc this morning to the latest version of windows 10.

sorry, having answered next, I misunderstood your question!

I thought you wanted to use Engine Prime to mix with your sound card.

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