Engine Prime Music TO RekordBox

Engine Prime to RekordBox.

I have all music with Cue Points and Loops in Engine Prime.

Next week I am going to play a gig with Pioneer/Rekordbox equipment.

How do I transfer all my Engine Prime Music to RekordBox with all Cues and Loops ??

I do not have Rekord Box yet.

Is there a nice guide somewhere ?

Hello @hebsbebs1 Welcome to the forum.

Rekordbox does not read other library than it’s own. You can skip that rekordbox limitation only by using third party software like Rekord cloud or something other (there are couple of migration programs).

Or make all the work once again but in rekordbox…

I think @mufasa is familiar more with jumping back and forth with libraries.

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Ok because I heard that it Can be done by Rekordbox Cloud ?

Not rekordbox cloud, Rekord cloud - completely different software, not made by Pioneer