Engine Prime library management questions


there are two use cases that I’m afraid Engine does not support, or at least I’ve been doing by hand for months. I was wondering if I’m missing anything…

  • I’ve got a “master hard disk”, where I keep the main version of my library
  • I’ve got a “performance SSD prime”, where I keep a limited version of my library
  1. Say I buy some new tracks. I copy them a the folder in my master library. I normally copy files to folders named by year/month. Is there any way to add the folder to Engine other than manually? Is there any way for Engine to scan a folder for new files?

  2. Say I want to add the newly added files from the master library to the performance SSD drive. Is there any way to do so other than drag and dropping? (again, syncing it automatically). I don’t think so, but I’m specially confused because the files appears duplicated after adding them to the performance SSD…

I’m 99% sure I’m doing this correctly, but I’d like to double check as I find it so weird.