Engine Prime Library Issues Windows 10 + Network Shares

Hey guys,

I’m experiencing a weird issue (which kind of reminds me of a problem with Traktor way back).

Due to the upcoming launch of the 4 Prime I was curious to check out Engine Prime before launch and I got the following issue:

After installing the latest 1.2.2 version on Windows 10 pro (1809), I can see the tracks on my network shares in the file system browser (including the artworks, album information and so on) loading or “fooling” around with them in the 2 track windows works too.

Now if I right click and select “Add tracks to collection” I can see that they are added on the bottom bar, but my collection just stays empty. Creating crates or playlist and dragging tracks / albums into those also seem to add tracks but stay blank after.

The only workaround I found, was to start Engine Prime with administrative privileges, now added tracks are also available in the collection, but I do lose all my network shares, since they are mapped as a different user.

Any of you experienced the same issue?

In addition, did any of you notice that Engine Prime is not using all available CPU / system resources for track analyses on high powered machines?

Hi @HawaiiWolf, thank you for your post.

I’m afraid network this is not officially supported with the current operating system at present but thank you for sharing your work around.

Regards, Jay

It seems that the workaround isn’t working as I thought it would. I remapped the network shares as administrator and the same issue occurs.

The funny thing still remains, that you are able to see the tracks on network shares in the Engine Prime explorer view but can’t add them to the collection that way.

But thanks for your update.

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No problem @HawaiiWolf, if anything changes from our end regarding this we’ll make sure you know.

This is still a massive problem in 1.3.1 this really needs to be fixed ASAP, all other software from the past 10-15 years at least can properly handle mapped drives!

Sounds like this topic needs a feature request. Please post your request for this functionality in the area linked below. This way our team can see how important this feature is to the community. Thanks!